Definitionen på Eco-innovation er mange - her et uddrag:

Reid and Miedzinski: “Eco-innovation means the creation of novel and competitively priced goods, processes, systems, services, and procedures that can satisfy human needs and bring quality of life to all people with a life-cycle-wide minimal use of natural resources (material including energy carriers and surface area) per unit output, and a minimal release of toxic substances.“


Reid, A. & Miedzinski, M. (2008): “Sectoral Innocation Watch in Europe – Eco-Innovation”, Final Report for the EU Sectoral Innovation Watch Panel on Eco-Innovation, Europe Innova, LIVING LAB: Research and development of sustainable products and services through userdriven innovation in experimental-oriented environments, Brussels.

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En overordnet betegnelse for at skabe noget nyt og ændre en etableret metode, fremgangsmåde eller opfattelse. Definitionen på innovation er mange - her et uddrag:. . Schumpeter: “At gøre nye ting eller at gøre ting, som allerede er gjort, på en ny måde.”. . Drucker:  “The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.”. . BCA: “something that is new or significantly improved, done by enterprise to create added value either directly for the enterprise or indirectly for its customers:”