Corporate Venturing

Corporate Venturing


Definitionen på Corporate Venturing er mange - her et uddrag:

Biggadike: “A Corporate Venture is defined as a business marketing a product or a service that the parent company has not previously marketed and that requires the parent company to obtain new equipment or new people or new knowledge.”

Ellis & Taylor: “Corporate Venturing was postulated to pursue a strategy of unrlatedness to present activities, to adopt the structure of an independent unit and to involve a process of assembling and configuring novel resources.”

Von Hippel: “Corporate Venturing is an activity which seeks to generate new businesses for the corporation in which it resides through the establishment of external or internal corporate ventures.”


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Corporate entrepreneurship

En proces, der bruges til at udvikle nye forretningsmodeller, produkter eller tjenester i en eksisterende organisation for at skabe værdi og generere ny indtægt gennem en entreprenant tankegang og handling. Definitionen på corporate entrepreneurship er mange - her et uddrag:. . Barringer & Ireland: “Behavioral orientation exhibited by established firms with an entrepreneurial emphasis that is proactive, innovative, and risk taking.”. . Burgelman: “the process whereby the firms engage in diversification through internal development. Such diversification requires new resource combinations to extend the firm’s activities in areas unrelated, or marginally related, to its current domain of competence.”. . Chung & Gibbons: “Corporate entrepreneurship is an organizational process for transforming individual ideas into collective actions through the management of uncertainties.”