Internet of People

Internet of People


En betegnelse for en teknologi, som refererer til digitaliseringen af forholdet mellem mennesker samt indsamling, behandling og brug af personlige oplysninger. Definitionen på Internet of People er mange - her et uddrag:

Miranda: “IoT scenario, technology would take people’s context into account, learn from it, and take proactive steps according to their situation and expectations, avoiding user intervention as much as possible.”

Vilarinho: “… physical things, due to their specialized form factors and affordances, can offer rich and natural interaction mechanisms in many social interaction scenarios. Our aim is to use things to enrich the digital representations of people and things so that interactions in the digital world can become richer and more natural and resemble those in the physical world, in what we call Physically Embedded Social Interaction (PESI)”


Miranda, J., Mäkitalo, N., Garcia-Alonso, J., Berrocal, J., Mikkonen, T., Canal, C. & Murillo, J.M. (2015): From the Internet of Things to the Internet of People, Internet Computing. IEEE, 19(2), 40–47.

Vilarinho, T., Farshchian, B.A., Floch, J., & Mathisen, B.M. (2013): A communication framework for the Internet of People and Things based on the concept of activity feeds in social computing.

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En betegnelse for en teknologi, som gør det muligt for tjenesteudbydere at tilbyde deres tjenester via internettet. Definitionen på Internet of Service er mange - her et uddrag:. . Hermann et al.: “The Internet of Services (IoS) enables service vendors to offer their services via the internet. The IoS consists of participants, an infrastructure for services, business models and the services themselves. Services are offered and combined into value-added services by various suppliers; they are communicated to users as well as consumers and are accessed by them via various channels.”