Business model innovation

Business model innovation


En overordnet betegnelse for at transformere en forretningsmodel. Definitionen på business model innovation er mange - her et uddrag:

Lindgardt et al.: “Innovation becomes BMI [business model innovation] when two or more elements of a business model are reinvented to deliver value in a new way. (...) BMI can provide companies a way to break out of intense competition, under which product or process innovations are easily imitated.”

Mitchell & Coles: “By business model innovation, we mean business model replacements that provide product or service offerings to customers and end users that were not previously available. We also refer to the process of developing these novel replacements as business model innovation.“

Geissdoerfer et al.: “Business model innovation describes either a process of transformation from one business model to another within incumbent companies or after mergers and acquisitions, or the creation of entirely new business models in start-ups.”


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