Novice entreprenør

Novice entreprenør


En betegnelse for en person, der ikke tidligere har stiftet bekendtskab med entreprenørskab.


Nielsen et al. (2014): Entreprenørskab i teori og praksis – paradokser i spil. Syddansk Universitetsforlag, Odense

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En titel på en person, der opstarter en virksomhed. Definitionen på entreprenør er mange - her et uddrag:. . Schumpeter: “Individuals who exploit market opportunity through technical and/or organizational innovation.”. . Bolton & Thompson: “a person who habitually creates and innovates to build something of recognized value around perceived opportunities.”. . Hisrich: “someone who demonstrates initiative and creative thinking, is able to organize social and economic mechanisms to turn resources and situations to practical account, and accepts risk and failure.”. . Moore:  "an individual with an innovative business Idea who takes the risks necessary to establish the production and marketing of the associated product or service, expecting the venture to grow.". . Carland et al.: " individual who establishes and manages a business for the principal purpose of profit and growth. The entrepreneur is characterized principally by innovative behavior, and will employ strategic management practices in the business."